Little O has been eating food for 6 months now, but I had an ‘Aha!’ moment yesterday. This may not come as a something new to most people but I hadn’t considered it yet. I know that many mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. would say “don’t eat that snack, you’ll spoil your dinner”. I however, love to eat, and I don’t think I’ve ever ruined my dinner with too much snacking. I’ve been thinking (and reading) a lot lately about food and feeding little ones. Blogs, recipes, etc. Mostly about veggies and figuring out how to get her to eat them.

Most of the time when I’m preparing food for O I give her a little snack, mostly just a rice cracker or a piece of banana. I thought this was a good plan to keep her happy while I cooked! Then I finally put it together, maybe her snacking is ruining her appetite…..Duh.

Two credits here – one, I was reading the book ‘French kids eat everything…’ by Karen Le Billon about how differently kids eat in France. I don’t think we’ll be serving three course meals for lunch anytime soon, but the idea that kids are exposed to all different kinds of ‘adult’ food from a very young age sounded like a smart plan.

Two- I was reading some food blogs yesterday and a post on One Hungry Mama really stuck with me. I don’t want to have to hide veggies to get my daughter to eat them either. By serving veggies first and showing that we eat them too, hopefully it will catch on!

Once or twice doesn’t cut it, says the author Le Billon, serve a veg at least fifteen times(!) before you can tell if they really won’t eat it. Luckily, so far O loves (most) of the things I serve her. I guess we have to just keep trying new things to see what she likes best. Today I waited to feed her a snack and she ate more lunch than I’ve ever seen her eat before! So, maybe this is a good plan after all! (Spinach, cheese and avocado scrambled eggs first, then whole wheat bread with hummus second, then yogurt and strawberries, yum!)

Food blogs I love for recipes:

One Hungry Mama (recipes organized by age!)

Wholesomebabyfood (favorite of


The Family Kitchen

and any books by Annabel Karmel.

Happy cooking!