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More and more I’m searching online for recipes and ideas as my peanut is almost two, and starting to have some stronger opinions about meals!

I really like this recipe I tried the other day for homemade granola bars and the rest of the blog is great too!

I love everything on this blog, especially the enchildas and chia seed cookies. Both kid approved!

I just found this recipe for energy balls and I’m going to try it today.

Although this isn’t specifically for kids, I thought I’d share a wonderful blog with some very yummy vegetarian food recipes.

Happy cooking!


I think Ted talks are awesome. A great way to find out some interesting information on a variety of topics, in a short amount of time. Perfect for moms! As a scientist in my previous life, I really connected to this one, check it out. science and kids

If you’re headed somewhere sunny this winter, think about how you are going to keep your little ones protected from the blaring sun.

My friend over at little turkeys blog made some good points about sunscreen, check it out! I like goddess garden and badger!

We also cover up as much as possible, with iplay or nozone being our favorites.

People are always asking about sleep. Grandparents, family friends, even strangers. It seems a bit like a test of weather or not you’re a good parent – ‘is your baby sleeping through the night?’. At fifteen months, our peanut sleeps through the night, (almost) every night. It’s bliss. I feel fortunate to be getting good rest. I can barely remember when she didn’t. Even though she only started sleeping 12 hours recently, she’s been a great sleeper from the start. What does that even mean? In a non scientific poll of friends with kids, they all have a different story of sleep and it ranges so greatly, I can’t believe that any of the sleep methods prescribed in books out there really help anyone.

I started writing this in January 2012, finishing it a year later!

O slept with us for the first 8 months. We were able to put her down on the bed in the evening around 6 months and surrounded by pillows and with a baby monitor we got a little time to ourselves.

After she started crawling around 9 months I wanted her to be safe and I started putting her in the crib. First it was just from 7pm until we came to bed and then she would sleep with us the rest of the night.
She slept great and the transition was easier than I expected. At 10 months I started putting her back in her bed after her midnight feed and she stayed and slept well!

Naps are another story.

Once she started sleeping 11-12 hours a night it was a whole new world of rest. Only interrupted by teething, traveling, colds, more teething, moving to a new house, teething, etc.

My only advice is this:
Do what feels right for you and gets everyone the most rest.
Don’t pressure yourself or your baby to do something they aren’t ready for. At almost two years old I can barely remember rocking O to sleep!
Rest when you can and don’t feel the need to do so much while they sleep.
They will get there eventually!
A nap/bedtime was key for us. Book, milk, sleep sack. Whatever you do, do it every single time!